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Now we are in Turkey. A change of scenery and thank goodness temperature – a drop of nearly 30 degrees but still warmer than Sydney!


Wow shopping heaven. Ladies – rows and rows of of many different types of shops under the one roof. Jewellery, amazing ceramics, silver, woodworl tc Also typical tourist stuff and would you believe we found siddurs and mezzuzahs!!


The Blue Mosque – another mosque. Totally different than the mosques we saw in Egypt. This structure dominates the Istanbul skyline both day and night.


Poor Mikey took half an hour to get the fountain at the right level to take this night shot. The fountain was set on a timer and just when he was taking the shot the fountain shot high in the air obscuring the mosque. played the photography widow as per usual.


Our friends Lynette and Gerald happened to be in Istabul on a stopover on their world cruise and we spent a wonderful day together sight seeing. Lynette & I had to garb up to enter the Mosque.


Inside the Mosque – amazing. The interior is magnificent.


The underwater Basilica cistern. This was built in Roman times and supplied the city with water. The condition of this is near perfect. One of the few structures we have seen so far that was not destroyed and still stands as it was in the past. The columns are gigantic and fish swim in the water.


“Apple tea” break with traditional turkish hats. Typical tourists.


In Sultanahmet the area where we stayed it is very cosmospolitan (and touristy) The hostel we stayed in was fabulous, luxury compared to Egypt. We meet a lovely Danish couple Monica & Klaus. She was absolutely mad……but she could drink – when the bill came we neary died Monica had ordered a bottle of wine and we didnt realise it wasnt the “house” wine it was 100TL (AU$75) bummer. Couldnt get out of that one!


But we had a fantastic night. Local musicians played and Monica & I danced.


Day 3 in Istanbul we visted Topkapi Palace. I grabbed a good looking guy to have my photo with him. Well why shouldn’t I – enough men had done it to me for the past 3 weeks.


Inside the Palace, wonderful mosiacs in superb condition. The grounds of the Palace are superb (not as nice as Versailles but still beautiful) We were really only impressed with a couple of the structures though the rest were a little disappointing.


Another great dinner in SUltanahmet, great atmosphere in a cushion lounge.



Day 4 was time to venture out of the tourist district and we went on a ferry trip to the Princess Islands. Yummmyy ice cream stall. Mike was in heaven – so was I. Already over the Turkish food fare so we had waffles with bananas, chocolate/caramel and ice cream for lunch. So decadent.


There are no cars on the Princess Islands. At Burgazada caleche wait for the tourists to transport them around the islands. At the equivalent of AU$20 for a 20 minute ride was rather pricey and definietly aimed at tourists. Considering we had been there and done that in Egypt we passed on this.


Dinner on our last night we ventured to an area called Beyoglu. The atmosphere there had a great vibe. Bars and restaurants with live music on the rooftops.

Tomorrow off to Gallipoli


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  1. A common theme here, lots of sun, mosques, food, etc.

    All very exciting whilst we’re all working…obviously doing something wrong!!!

    Just off Google Gallipoli!!!

    We look forward to the next instalment.

    Take care

    Mark, Ruth, et al

  2. thanks for the updates, Debbie.
    It looks amazing, so different and so interesting.
    You both look very brown and well and relaxed.
    We just came back from a nice relaxing trip too, but not so far afield- we chilled out in Fiji.
    See you on your return,

  3. Ahhh To Turkey and then Gallipoli!!

    Our intrepid travellors never cease to enjoy every moment of their sojourn through the middle east ..

    What will tomorrow bring . Who will Deb meet?? what will Mike photograph??

    Stay tuned for these and many otrher revealing facts in the next episode of..

    Cohen mania!

  4. Hi Deb and Mike
    Glad to hear your trip is going well, Deb you look fantastic and BROWN you know how i love BROWN and Mike is looking very relaxed 🙂
    Love you both

    Maria xx

  5. Hi Mike and Deb,

    What an amazing trip. Sure beats sitting here in Neutral Bay. I’m forwarding all your links to Lisa to tell her that we need to get a life!



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