A Hectic Start II

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First Deb loses her passport then she loses her eldest son!

By the time we got to Cancun we were pretty exhausted, the only thing that kept us going was the knowledge that Adam was on the plane coming from Mexico City to take us to Cuba….that is until we received an SMS from him saying that the American Airways flight he was on from Calgary had been delayed and missed his connection in Mexico City so they were putting him up there for the night and he would arrive in Havana the next day at 3:15 & gave us the flight number.

Disappointed we continued to Havana where we were met by Rosa, the lady that runs the Casa where we would be staying. As we had been now travelling for about 30 hours we collapsed into bed 11:00pm local time and didn’t get up til 11:00am next morning. Feeling refreshed we started out to find a bank to change some money. This was a small adventure by itself, but nonetheless once accomplished had some lunch and taxied out to the airport to meet Adam.

Well after an hour when I was sure there was no-one left to come through the doors and Deb’s mood is slowly turning to mush I checked with the airlines to find he wasn’t on the flight. Up until then I thought he might have been getting the rubber hose treatment in the back room. We also found out our mobile phone didn’t work in Cuba so I hastily arranged a local sim card. This exercise cost $100 and by the time I tried a few frantic calls and SMS to Jason, Barry & Paul we found out we could ring out but no-one could ring in and sms wouldn’t work either way to Oz.

Internet time is about to run out so….to be continued…hopefully with pictures!


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