A Hectic Start

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Well with less than 15 hours to go before takeoff my darling wife decides to start the adventure early. Around 3:00pm Sunday afternoon (we are due at the airport 8:00am Monday) Deb starts collecting all the little things we need in one place. You know what I mean…tickets – check…money-check….maps-check…itinerary-check…passport-……PASSPORT…. OMG!

That’s right folks the little lady has misplaced her passport. Now being used to things like this I decided not to panic straight away and wait patiently while Deb frantically started searching all the usual places. But after about 20 mins of futile searching the poor thing was disintegrating into a mess. OK, I thought, now is a good time to join the hunt. So I tried to calm her down and retrace all her steps since last seeing it.

It seems she had taken it with her to Eastgardens thinking she would need it to obtain travellers cheques & foreign currency (she didn’t). So we phoned Travelex, St George, Westfield & the police…no luck. We turned the house upside down for the 3rd time and I started calling QANTAS and Canberra to find out what happens in these cases. I had the none too envious task of telling Debbie she would not be allowed to depart and would have to apply for a new passport and with fast-tracking she may be able to get it in around 2-3 days.

We had already made the decision that I would go on (all of a sudden this didn’t seem too bad) and Deb would join us when she could. Some 4 hours after the start of the panic during the 4th house search the phone rang and and I heard Deb screaming sobs of joy. It seems that during her visit to get de-fluffed (or waxed or whatever these girls do) prior to attending Eastgardens she had dropped it at the salon/house where this was done. A quick trip to Malabar to retrieve the now famous passport and I was now married to one happy lady.

Boy am I going to get some mileage out of this!


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