Amasra & Safranbolu – by Deb

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Off to the Black Sea!!
We decided at the last minute when we hit the bus station at Ankara that we really didn’t want to do to another big city. So after a 4 1/2 hour bus journey we had yet another 5 hours to Amasra.

Amasra is a pretty little seaside village with a population of only 6,500 but it swarms on weekends with local Turkish tourists. Again set amongst city walls and ruins this town certainly had character.

We (or should I say “I”) really had fun when we arrived at 9.00pm trying to find a pensiyon. We stuck out like sore thumbs and I must say communication was an issue.

Poor Mikey wasn’t too impressed when I pointed up yet another cobble stoned hill and said “up there”. I must want to collect on his life insurance!!!

The room was pokey, bathroom like a closet, no aircon, but what can one expect from a family pensiyon at 50YTL approx AU$35. BUT….the view from the pensiyon’s balcony was beautiful.


Great fish restaurants, markets with a lot of crap, fishing boats and a real live disco (just below our pensiyon of course)

Onward bound to Safranbolu…..
Cheers to those who can guess where the name of this town originates


An upmarket hotel, unfortunately not within our budget. This 16th century structure was a beautifully restored caravanserai on the old Silk Road (an olden day truck stock when they used to have camels)


The area where we stayed in Safranbolu was quaint. Full of old Greek houses, again cobble stoned streets etc.
The bazaars were full of minute to huge wooden replicas of the houses and other wooden paraphernalia.

This bakery made amazing treats all traditionally cooked in a wood fire over.


Me eating yet another gozleme (Turkish pancake filled with spinch and cheese)


In the back streets behind the bazaars we stumled across some foundries. This guy was a real character. Very hospitable, apple tea etc plus the obligatory hugs and kisses to welcome us and when we left. Poor guy – all we spent was 10YTL (AU$7.50) – and yet he was all smiles

His wares on display.

One of the 4 mosques and 2 Hamams in the area we were staying. (4 mosques for approx 1 sq km – the mind boggles)

Back to Istanbul for 2 nights and one huge day of shopping.
Well that’s it for Turkey. We spent our last day at the Grand Bazaar and then topped it off by trapsing back and forth between carpet shops in Sultanahmet.

We are definitely suffering from “ABM” disease…. and Mikey is suffering from SKI after succumbing to buying me yet another carpet at the 11th hour I must add!! Sorry Adz & Jase.

We hope you all have enjoyed tavelling with us as much as we have enjoyed blogging.
Off to Singapore tomorrow for more retail therapy and chilli crab for me – yummy.
What more could a girl wish for??
1. a great partner in life (now that is number 1)
2. the best balance of life and work
3. being able to share my travels with someone who is so patient and loves to do what I want to do – and that’s because he does as he’s told. (only kidding)

See you all back in Sydney.
Hoscakal!!! (That’s Turkish for Goodbye)


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  1. It a looks so much fun. Safe journey home and we hope to catch up with you very soon (over the phone of course!!). Happy birthday Debs for Monday.

    Take care Mark, Ruth, et al xxxxxx

  2. Hi Guys enough already come home. We have enjoyed your trip/blog. Mike I was worried about one of the photos, that there was a whole heap if oil cans you had bought. Deb Happy Birthday for Monday. Lots of love US xx

  3. mike & deb, you are blog royalty! thanks for the fun, hope you really enjoy the chilli crab! travel safe, see you soon xxxxx

  4. Have loved reading your blogs and looking at the really good photography. You look so happy and having such a wonderful and interesting time. It has been lovely to see. Also I learnt a lot about places I did not know about and now I can add these to the list of places we would like to visit. Have a safe journey home.

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