Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble

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Took awhile to get used to driving on the wrong side of the road but we eventually made it to the New England coast and our first stop in a quaint seaside village called Mystic, evidently the scene of a long forgotten (by everyone except the Pizza Shop) Julia Roberts movie. They had the weirdest looking draw-bridge I’ve ever seen with an interesting implementation of counter-weights.


Next it was the infamous Newport (Americas Cup) but as we just stopped long enough for an ice-cream we didn’t see much:


Finally arriving at Cape Cod we were guests of Robert & Penny who are on-line friends of mine from a photography site. They made us most welcome and Robert was very generous with his time and showed us around the cape, including a trip to Provincetown. I found the local architecture fascinating

_DSC2576      _DSC2591      _DSC2634

Further north we stopped in Salem, famous for the witch trials, and did a small tour during which Deb was able to get her broom serviced.

_DSC2635      _DSC2652

Again, very distinctive local architecture.

_DSC2657      _DSC2658

A little further north we stopped for lunch at the beach. This is the poorer end of the Hamptons.


Finally turning off the coast and heading out of Maine towards the Canadian border. Our last stop was in the mountains at a lovely B&B near Sugarloaf Ski resort. With the storm breaking just as we arrived it felt like something out of ‘Psycho’, but it was actually very cozy inside.

_DSC2722      _DSC2753

Crossing into Canada the next day our first stop was Quebec City where we did a guided tour of the citadel and learned all about the goat mascot of the regiment.

_DSC2793      _DSC2816      _DSC2820

We were even fortunate enough to get a picture.


The Chateau Frontenac is a luxury hotel that dominates the city skyline and can be see from most vantage points around town.

_DSC2837      _DSC2845

Here we had our first ‘couch surf’ as a guest (had done many as a host) and we were so very fortunate to have met Roger who was not only a great host, but a terrific tour guide.


The sun was out the next day so we took advantage and toured ‘the island’ which is a well-known spot the locals visit on their summer weekends. It is only 20 minutes away and situated in the middle of the St Lawrence seaway and boasts some fine restaurants and wineries, think ‘Hunter Valley’ meets ‘Shark Island’.

_DSC2879      _DSC2880      _DSC2888

As if Montmorency Falls wasn’t exciting enough, some people add adrenalin by rock climbing next to it. I’m told in the winter when it freezes climbers actually scale the falls.

_DSC2938      _DSC2941      DSC02951

The Huron are an indigenous people local to the area and they had a lovely park that exhibited their traditional way of life.

_DSC2977      _DSC2980

Here you can see our guide showing us his favourite beaver.


We can’t leave Quebec City without a stroll through the ‘old city’ and I can’t leave this post without at least one food picture, banana, hazelnut & chocolate crepes…..bon apetit!

IMG_0672      IMG_0675      IMG_0677


11 Replies to “Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble”

  1. Banana, chocolate cake hazelnut and yet more beaver. Or is that the same beaver. No matter they all look the same to me anyway. So, Keep posts coming. All is fine down under so just enjoy xx

  2. WOW!! so much to see.. so much to do .. so much to eat!
    I want to know if Mike has worked out that he doesn’t really have a Sat Nav.. it’s actually deb whispering sweet nothings into his ears!

    We are all blessed for the amazing blog and the wonderful adventures that we get to share with you ./. just by Osmosis!

    Keep up the good Work Nuckenfutz!

    And stop beating me in the footy comp!

  3. As usual Mikey, your blog is intelligent informative amusing and generally all round brilliant, hey we’ve been buddies 32 years who the he’ll is REALLY writing this stuff lol, love you guys xx

  4. Still enjoy the blogs Mike , even though Baz talks to u in the middle of the night and I hear the conversations , still makes great reading keep them coming keep safe xxxx

  5. Very professionnal blog, Mike.
    I like your style. Thanks for my note … Lol!! I do CouchSurfing for the pleasure to meet people like you. This is an experience that you cannot get in an other way than living it with your surfers.
    I will continue to follow you Debbie and Mike all along your trip. Hugs. Roger

  6. I’m green with envy guys. Looks just amazing. Deb, I hope your broom is in tip top condition now xxx

    1. yes the broom is well serviced and ready for flight Michelle.
      Having a wonderful time. The Couch Surfing experience so far has been amazing – nice to see regions from a local perspective and not stay in hotel rooms.

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