Joy on the Road

Vince is a wonderful guy and a good friend. We usually only meet up at our annual Caravan Club musters where he invariably puts on a great nights entertainment. I asked him if he could spare me a few minutes in between sets to pose for a few shots and he was only too pleased. … Continue readingJoy on the Road


I asked Vince to pose for a few pics under the guise of helping me test some new gear, but truth is I think he has great character in his face….not to mention the hat. … Continue readingVince


We stopped by the Maryvale pub just as an impromptu bash was starting. Three musos who had not previously met just turned up and started playing. Sometimes the best nights are spontaneous. … Continue readingConstance

There’s a kind of hush

Lago Maggiore, Italy. I noticed this group driving around earlier…as there were 4 of them in a Veedub with rattling cans tied behind them it was hard not to notice them. So as we were walking along the shore a bit later we passed where they had pulled over for the friends to adjust the cans while the newlyweds got their footy tips in. … Continue readingThere’s a kind of hush