Dubai – a mall by any other name

At first I couldn’t figure out why Dubai seemed so familiar seeing it was our first visit. One giant shopping palace after the next with each one trying to do it better by having some ridiculous attraction, such as a ski slope in one and an ice-rink in another. Do people really come to the desert for winter sports?…..or is it just a matter of “because we can”. … Continue readingDubai – a mall by any other name


Arrived at Faversham, UK and after a night in the local we proudly took delivery of our new toy. We’re having trouble coming up with a name for her, so would appreciate your suggestions in the comments at the very bottom of the page (while you’re there tick the box that says ” Notify me of new posts via email.”). The winner receives a week for 2 in the ‘Athenian Suite’ (east wing). … Continue readingPicardie

The Longest Day

I’d like to start this post with a little housekeeping. The GPS has been named R.A.L.F. (retired Aussies loving France) and the motorhome, after visiting the Bayeux Tapestry, is now called Norman (click the link if you don’t get the connection). … Continue readingThe Longest Day

Château Boxing

Immediately after crossing into Brittany we came to the town of St. Malo. Unfortunately by now I have run out of superlatives so suffice to say our day spent walking the old streets and perusing the many shops was fantastic. … Continue readingChâteau Boxing

You say “au revoir”, I say “hola”

As the last post was rather large you are getting off light this time. The landscape is no less beautiful and the villages no less quaint but seriously, how much of this stuff can a guy take.

The drizzle had given way to a downpour the day we visited Sarlat, but this did not take away any of the charm on offer in this great town. The afternoon was spent browsing the shops whose specialty was ‘foi de gras cunnard’ (duck pate to you lot). … Continue readingYou say “au revoir”, I say “hola”

Telling the Tale of the Tile

Entering the home of port was both unnerving & amazing. The first because it was a large city whose steep, narrow streets were filled with busy traffic but amazing because R.A.L.F. had taken us to an Aire that was just across the Douro from the old town that was perched up high glowing brightly in the afternoon sunshine. … Continue readingTelling the Tale of the Tile

Family Reunion on the Costa Brava

The week or so we took to drive from Madrid to the Spanish Mediterranean coast was very pleasant with some ever-changing landscapes but nothing too dramatic. Of the small towns we visited en-route we stopped at Toledo & Cuenca. Having felt like we have visited every church ever made it was only fair to visit the two remaining medieval Spanish synagogues in Toledo (apart from the small one in Cordoba mentioned in a previous post). … Continue readingFamily Reunion on the Costa Brava