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This is an island off Belize that is approximately 800m long and around 20m wide at its thinnest. It has one main street and a couple of lanes. There are no vehicles to speak of except golf carts which also operate as taxis. The main street is lined with restaurants, bars & hotels but not as we know them.

These are not modern solid structures but mainly ramshackle sheds with lots of character. Everything is beachfront which makes the place feel ideal. However one side of the island is all mangroves and the main side is all piers housing the many boating tours that operate here, which leaves one little area at the end for swimming.

The 1st day we spent lazing around the small beach which has a bar (naturally) and in the evening we we went to a restaurant….well it was actually a BBQ grill and some plastic tables & chairs on the beach…..there are a few of these. 80% of every menu in town is lobster so that is exactly what Deb has had 3 nights running (at around $15 a pop, why not?)

Today we took a sailboat tour out to the reef which they proudly tell you is the SECOND biggest in the world and the spruikers start to tell you of its wonders until they hear our accent and turn their attention to the others. They have come to realise that Aussies are hard to impress on this subject.

However I have to say we had a magnificent day and while the coral itself was not as colourful as ours the abundance of marine life was astouding. We snorkelled on 3 different parts of the reef and each place had its merits. But the one that got me was when we pulled up at a place the crew called shark alley and as we looked into the shallow and perfectly clear water we could see hundreds of fish, stingrays and several sharks. Thinking this was just a surface visit I was surprised when they started handing out our snorkelling gear. Figuring if they said so it must be safe so we jumped in and did our thing, needless to say we kept very close together and kept very alert. But after awhile you realise they are not really interested in you and you learn to take it all in and just be amazed by the sights surounding you.

Obviously there are no pictures of this stuff but it will make good stories for our return. Tomorrow we leave for Tikal in Guatemala….more ruins.


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