Chichen Itza

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Of course nobody showed up and we were left standing in an empty terminal 6:00am in the morning in 90% humidity pondering our next move. We changed back to our Aussie sim card (which works here) and made a few fruitless calls. After nearly an hour a girl came running toward us in a tizz holding a signboard with our name on it.

With no english she managed to make it clear she apologised for being late and a car would be here *soon* to take us to her office…..*soon* in Mexico is not the same as home!

We only ordered a small Jap car but were pleased to be presented with what I think is a Jeep Cherokee. I say think ,cause the badges are different and I´m not that familiar with their models, nonetheless its a beauty. As the tank was empty my first job was to pull into a gas station 100m away on a VERY busy motorway. May i now remind you it has been over 30 years since I have driven a left-hand-drive and I had had only 1 hours sleep. Somehow I negotisated it safely and was pleased to find they had driveway service. When I went to pay the guy he said he didn´t take credit cards and it was cash only. Fortunately, Deb had gotten some local moolah while we were waiting at the airport so I gave him a 500 peso note for the 300 peso bill. He gives me the change and I started to walk away when I thought I had better check….the bastard had short changed me 100 pesos (about US$10). He gave it to me with no argument when I approached him, but I thought this shows you how you cannot let your guard down for a moment ….especially in a tourist trap like Cancun.

We drove down a tollway for around 200klm passing through a couple of armed army checkpoints. They let us through without stopping us but we saw lots of other *gringos* being stopped and searched. We arrived at a town called Piste where we checked into the hotel Deb had booked on the net. It was a 100 room hotel and we were the only guests. I´m sure this was a very nice hotel when it was built…..IN 1960! The room was big and clean…just old. The town was about the size of Belmore road with about a 1/4 of the shops…mainly souveniers and restaurants all very old and musty except the one where we decided to eat which was delicious. Amazingly there were about 4 internet joints in the town and the one we tried was very fast and I managed to catch up on my blogs. As all my pics are too big too post straight from the camera I have to find a place that will let me resize them first and then you will get some more.

The next morning we got an early start and checked out and headed for the ruins at Chichen Itza only 1klm away as we wanted to beat the crowds. Trying to describe it would be useless so you´ll just have to wait for the pics, but I can tell you we joined with a few other English speaking tourists and paid for a guide to take us through….well worth it.


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