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With exhaustion finally kicking in we started out late morning today and headed for the 2nd Avenue Kosher Deli (which btw is on E 33rd street). The menu was a delight to behold with food items I had not seen since the golden age of Aunty Anne’s simchas & the Gelato Bar. We ordered conservatively with a starter of chopped liver & pickles (just like your bubbe used to make!) and twin rolls, 1 x pastrami & 1 x corned beef. Oy we had a foodgasm! I’m starving myself for 2 days before we go to Katz’s deli later in the week.

2nd Ave Deli


Wanting to atone for the sins committed against our cardio-vascular system we walked up Park Avenue to 42nd Street and ran straight into Grand Central Station.  Scenes from a thousand movies flooded our memories with the most recent being “Friends with Benefits” and we kept waiting for the huge crowd to suddenly turn into a ‘flash mob’ and break into dance.



Two blocks east on 42nd took us to the Chrysler Building and as a lover of architecture (particularly this era) I was just mesmerised by the lobby with the magnificent inlay & murals. So immersed was I that after about 30 minutes I realised that I had not seen Debbie since leaving the street. I retraced my steps outside and started to panic when I saw just how many people are on 42nd street at that time of day. Reaching for my phone I turned around to face the lobby entrance again and that is when I noticed the entrance to the shoe store…..had I mentioned she’d already bought 5 pair the day before?

Re-united with my wife (who somehow was being possessed by Imelda Marcos) we turned west down 42nd and past the lovely Bryant’s Park which afforded a clearer view back at the Chrysler.


Continuing along a few more blocks we arrived at what can only be described as retails answer to Sodom & Gomorrah….Times Square. I am not capable of doing this spectacle justice with either words or images but suffice to say I found it vibrant and obscene simultaneously.

IMG_0123      IMG_0132


Next we toured around Broadway’s theatre district before visiting the Rappoports who were staying in an apartment in the area. We entered the apartment and sat down and before Sue could offer a cuppa Debbie had passed out on the couch. After yakking for about an hour I woke up my little explorer and headed home. Skipping dinner as we were still full from lunch we found a great hole-in-the-wall coffee shop around the corner from Jasons’ apartment called Mud. Not only did they have a great array of tea and serve it in a real cup (looking at you Starbucks) but they served a sauteed banana to die for.



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  1. enjoying your blog – looks like you’re having a great time. We loved NY, looks like you do too.

    Our Muster is going well – now at Blacksmiths !! xx

  2. Come on, if we’re talking Aunty Anne’s we’re talking Matza ball soup, only then will you know if they really make the grade. BTW from a female perspective, photos of shoe shop window displays are extremely scenic.

  3. Hey Mikey, your writing is quite unbelievable and thoroughly entertaining,brings back to life my faded memories of NY from another lifetime ago, gotta go now youve made me hungry lol x

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