Dubai – a mall by any other name

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At first I couldn’t figure out why Dubai seemed so familiar seeing it was our first visit. One giant shopping palace after the next with each one trying to do it better by having some ridiculous attraction, such as a ski slope in one and an ice-rink in another. Do people really come to the desert for winter sports?…..or is it just a matter of “because we can”.


Then it hit me….oh sure the booze, broads and gambling weren’t government sanctioned but this was Las Vegas in PJs.


And like it’s US counterpart Dubai stands as a testament to what can be achieved with unlimited finances and endless cheap labour. Opulence aside, the people were very friendly and there was enough to keep us busy for 3 days.

The one adventure I didn’t need was when in one shopping centre I asked someone where the toilet was and they pointed to the sign below about 30 meters away. When I reached the sign I simply turned down the corridor and looked for the appropriate door to enter. There were several doors with people going in and out none of which screamed ‘toilet’ to me until I came to one room which had a Muslim man sitting by the front putting on his shoes. “Must be the attendant rubbing his feet” I thought as I passed his curious stare then noticed the funny grid running along the wall with taps protruding every few feet or so.
“Strange looking urinal” I said to myself as my hand reached for my fly.

Then I felt the pained gazes of the other men in the room which made me look to my left where I noticed another carpeted room with more men in rows kneeling. Realising I wasn’t in ‘Kansas’ anymore I quickly backed out apologising as I left to no-one in particular. Not my fault they put the icon for the dunny on the same sign as the icon for the prayer room!



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  1. You pissed in the prayer room? Well you were punished with Starbucks in the temple. Sacrilege on both sides of the fence reassures me that two wrongs do make a right after all. Enjoy; great pics as usual; looking forward to more blogs. Paul Rapp

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