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Egirdir – what a magical place. This is a tiny fishing village set on the 3rd largest freshwater lake in Turkey.

We stayed in a lovely pension run by Ibrahim who owns 2 pensions – we slept at one and ate at the other. The home cooked meals by his mother were delicious. The setting is gorgeous, views of the lake from everywhere.

Ibrahim and his family and Mustafa the local fisherman were wonderful hosts who made our 4 days at Egirdir memorable.


The village is surrounded by stone walls and there is a castle on the top of the hill. This pic is of the courtyard in the middle of the village.


How romantic!!! Us sitting in the outdoor lounge at sunset waiting for dinner.


When Ibrahim showed us a bag of live crayfish the next morning I thought I had died and gone to heaven (and so did Mikey) The crayfish dinner, caught by Mustafa that morning, was delicious!!


The next morning it was up at 5.30am for a 6.00am start to go fishing. (Well we didnt fish but we enjoyed watching Mustafa fish)


The “catch”
Unfortunately it was only a small catch for 1 1/2 hours worth of pulling in the nets. The day before Mustafa brought in 3-400 crayfish!!!


Mustafa putting the nets back out for the next day.


After being dropped back to have breakfast at 8.30am we were back at the harbour at 11.00am for the remainder of the day. We were taken to a secluded beach, only the 3 of us were there, gorgeous, clean and NO tourists (except us)

I felt like Lady Muck being waited on by Mustafa. While we swam and lazed in the sun he prepared a delicious lunch for us. He dug a hole in the pebbles and lit a fire and proceeded to cook eggplants and 2 of the fish he caught that morning.
Needless to say the eggplant salad and fish was mouth watering.


Tommy” the turtle. Mustafa discovered him hiding in the reeds.
After a hectic day we all snoozed under a tree for about an hour before we were taken back to Egirdir.



Views at night from Egirdir across the lake – special!


Mike’s Addendum: After 4 weeks of travelling throughout Turkey I had yet to find someone dressed like a ‘native’. Most people dress just as though you were walking through Punchbowl. So it was with much glee that I came across this fellow when we went for dinner on our one night stopover in Konya.

Using both pidgeon English & charades I asked him if I could take his photo and he nodded and gave me a big grin. He then caught me by surprise when he asked me (with only a small accent) where was I from. I said “Australia”, and he smiled even more and said, “me too, I’m from Footscray in Melbourne!”.


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  1. Footsahcraayy! who’d have thunk it?! you two look like honeymooners, keep well, stay happy, love Kass xx

  2. haha i love it how you find Aussies everywhere! Wonderful photos guys, I am very jealous. I’m officially into my final semester of uni, scary! Enjoy the rest of your trip!
    Cheers, Matt

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