End of Term Report Cards

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Kaiserstuhl – Following the Rhine & the wine

France: 9
Best Subjects – Cooking; History
Sport – Has lousy defence


Heidelberg singalong

Portugal: 6
Unoriginal as always copies from neighbour


11th Century Jewish Cemetery
11th Century Jewish Cemetery – the oldest tombstone still legible dates from 1058/59
Spain: 7
Best Subject – Architecture
Easily influenced by the North Africans.
Has multiple personalities that don’t get along.


Rhine Cruise Castles
Rhine Cruise Castles
Switzerland: 8
Best Subject – Economics
Doesn’t get involved in others fighting


Rhine Cruise Castles
Rhine Cruise Castles
Germany: 9
Best Subjects – Economics; Cooking
From time to time tends to bully others


Rhine Cruise Castles
Rhine Cruise Castles
Netherlands: 8
Best Subject – Engineering
Sport – Cycling
Calm demeanor


Rhine Cruise Castles
Rhine Cruise Castles
Belgium: 6
Despite being class president still can’t perform as well as neighbours.


Cooked Salmon
Dusseldorf Cooked Salmon

We are now back in the UK and will spend the next few days giving Norman a clean and organising ourselves for the trip home.

Bridge Locks
Koln Bridge Locks

For all who have tagged along via the blog we hope you have enjoyed the adventure as much as we have. With the exception of life with my family I would have to say it is the most pleasurable experience I have had thus far.

Public Art
Maastricht Public Art

It is so great to see through the comments that this blog has fulfilled a number of roles:

  1. As my KRAFT issue gets worse it is great to have a record to look back on
  2. It has helped those of you who have already visited these places relive your own experiences
  3. It has served to whet the appetites of those who may not have travelled this way yet
  4. It shows it can be done
Utrecht Canals
Utrecht – a mini Amsterdam

We sincerely hope that if we do get to come back next year as planned that those of you who have indicated you may be able to join us in part can do so.

Lelystad Dijk
View from the Dijk at Lelystad

The flight videos from July can be seen here

Anne Frank Museum line
Anne Frank Museum – the line continued around the corner for a 3 hour wait

If you would like to see stats or Google overlays from any of these flights they are here

Amsterdam canals
Amsterdam canals
Bikes on Dijks in Amsterdam
Antwerp – main plaza
Deb being creative in Antwerp
Finally jackpot!
Busiest shop in the mall
Mechelen main square
Mons main square
Gent panorama
Bruges main square
Bruges main square

We are now in the closing stages of this years journey. Here is where I was going to give a big plug to Graham & Linda without whose help this would not have been achievable. But alas they have informed us that they are retiring and joining the many people they have helped into a life on the road, we wish them the best of luck and once again thank them for all they have done.
(UPDATE: They may have found someone to keep the business going so if you are in need of their services in the future let me know)

Bruges main square

The map below shows roughly the path we drove over the last 5 months covering approximately 12,000 kms. Norman did a fantastic job of getting us around (there were some parts replaced) but he deserves a nice long rest though I’m not sure he is crazy about spending the winter in Southern England. I also think R.A.L.F. deserves a mention, there were times he became a little lost but a good update usually sorted him out.

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 17.47.14

Lastly I cannot sign off without thanking Debbie who has cooked & cleaned (almost) each & everyday (almost) without complaint, while all I did was drive & clean toilets. I did offer to swap roles but for some reason she wasn’t interested. We certainly couldn’t have done this without her organisational skills and persistent vision.

Look forward to having you along next year.


11 Replies to “End of Term Report Cards

  1. I loved every minute of your trip. It bought back memories of our trip in the early 70’s what I can remember of it.

  2. Well done. Not even Napoleon covered so much territory in Europe. On your final report card, I am going to give you a score of 98%. That leaves only 2% room for improvement on your next trip which I am guessing will be to the moon. CU soon Raps.

  3. Loved this episode of “Conquering The World” and look forward to the next one.
    We are in Prague now and think that Norman would love it here.

  4. Oh wow, what a trip I’ve had. I enjoyed every minute sharing it with you :P.
    Can’t wait to see you and hear about it in person. I’ve missed you guys. Have a safe journey home. xxx

  5. Feel like our favorite tv show has ended for another season can’t wait till next year when series Europe Road Trip 2 starts again, cone home safe xx

  6. We are all better for having been able to share this adventure with you guys.. From sun-up till sundown, each blog has enticed and delighted us all.
    It really has been as if we are there with you guys and i thank you for that .. More so I thank Deb, for without her Mike would be sitting on my front porch , wondering what to do next! LOL!!! ( not really) Now if we can just get Deb to organise a decent Touring Motor Bike for Mike to use, then New adventures could be organised here in Australia!
    Either way , we are all excited to be able to see you soon and share life with two of our greatest friends !

  7. Well this was the first trip that I have not planned the itinerary for and I must say it was a pleasure to leave all the planning up to Mike. He did an awesome job, catering for both of our pleasures and wants!

    In fact I have now retired from itinerary planning and Mike has won the job for 2015!

    Well done Mikey I love you to bits

    1. You guys are awesome. Looking forward to seeing you both soon. Can’t wait to see what Mikey plans for next year & yes, it would be very special to rendezvous somewhere & share some travels.
      Aunty Vee xxx

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