Farewell to Cuba ….and Adz

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The first time in Havana (was it only 2 weeks ago) we stayed in an area called Centro which is inner city a little like Surry Hills but with all the class of Redfern (without the tension). This time we stayed in an area called Vedado which was absolutely beautiful and out along the water. It reminded me of the old parts of Rosebay off of O´Sullivan Road, very green and housing with lots of old charm. This area also has an abundance of shops and nightlife and we enjoyed more cheap cafes and as usual wonderful Cuban music

We spent the last day back in Vieja revisiting the market and some of the beatiful old colonial squares we had missed the first time thru. Our last meal was at the Hanoi again and it was just as great. Adz and I sat around contemplating another revolution against the feelthy american pigs but we had to have an early night ´cause we had to be up at 4:00am for an early flight, but it was so hot we only got about 2 hours sleep.

No dramas making the flight this time and we landed safely in Cancun where Deb had a hard time saying goodbye to Adz. He went off back to Canada and we left the terminal looking for the rent-a-car people who promised to meet us.


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