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Fethiye is a great little seaside holday town with a little bit of a Surfers/Byron vibe to it. It mainly caters for British tourists, but fortunately we stayed in an area at the other end of town from those resorts.


The first tour we did from here involved getting picked up early in the morning in a convertable jeep that holds 10 people and joining about 4 other jeeps along the way. Our first stop was visiting some caves….


…then more ruins….


….with a nice little break at a trout farm that also sold Gozleme (sorta like crepes).


You could even go fishing without leaving the bar.


There was little streams & waterfalls everywhere in a landscape setting…..


…that was dotted with raised wooden platforms that were scattered with cushions & rugs.



As we drove from place to place throughout the day it became a bit of a “thing” at various points for the driver to slow down while local children sprayed us with water. We had been warned at the beginning we would get wet so most people wore appropriate clothing and hid cameras, etc and while a shock the first time we actually started to look forward to it as the heat of the day increased.

In addition the crew had brought along water pistols which were used to fight back but the tourists were the ones usually caught in the “friendly fire”.


The landscape was amazing but unfortunately some of the most enjoyable moments of the day have no pictures as I couldn’t take my camera along, such as the walk thru a gorge after crossing fast running streams with icy water & the mud baths.


That night we dined at a place that Deb had heard of which consisted of a fish market surrounded by restaurants. The idea was you go to the market and buy your selections (calamari & jumbo prawns) and take it to any of the restaurants who would cook it to your liking and serve it with bread, salad & tea for under $5….bargain…and the best meal we’d had while we were away.


It was so good we went back the second night, but this time I found out they sold meat too. Man I didn’t know a scotch fillet could taste so good.



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  1. hi Deb and Mike
    your personal menus will i am sure have expanded with all your culinary delights.
    i am looking forward to the duplication of some of your tasty delights on your return.
    hugs and safe travel

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