Finding Formula 1 & Olympic Gold

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We arrived in Montreal at the same time as the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the cold, wet weather.  The F1 street parties & displays were trying to brighten up the city but for us it was too miserable so we did a $5 tour of Notre Dame Basilica (above).

_DSC3144     _DSC3141

Our Montreal CS hosts Harold & Ansy kindly showed us around Mount Royale and the St Josephs Cathedral there. In this small chapel you can see displayed the many crutches left by the believers who were ‘cured’ after their visit.  If it were me I’d keep the crutch & ask for next weeks lotto numbers. I couldn’t shoot the main chapel as there was a mass in progress at the time of our visit, but try to imagine bigger statues and many, many, many more crutches.

_DSC3170      _DSC3171

Visiting Atwater markets was a mouth-watering experience and although I wanted to buy a pastry for later, Deb assured me that I would be happier & fitter if I resisted.

_DSC3190      _DSC3193      _DSC3192

It was later that afternoon during our visit to the Olympic site that I realised that not all rules apply to everyone equally.

_DSC3200      _DSC3202      _DSC3297

Although the weather was still un-cooperative a visit to the Botanical gardens finished off a wonderful day.

_DSC3220      _DSC3263      _DSC3231

After Montreal I had arranged to meet some on-line photography buddies at a pioneer town called ‘Upper Canada Village’.


At this village they have a working cheese factory, sawmill and printers all using 19th century technology.

_DSC3345      _DSC3339      _DSC3399

Fortunately for us this just happened to be the day they hold their annual medieval festival in the adjacent field so we were also treated to bold knights, busty wenches & jousting.

_DSC3372     _DSC3374     _DSC3383

There was one lady there who, when she heard my accent, asked me if I was Barry’s brother….


she also asked if I knew Paul.


An hour further down the road was a town called Ganonoque from where there are many boat cruises touring the Thousand Islands waterways. As you can see the islands range in size from ‘barely big enough to hold a shack’ right up to ‘Boldt’s Castle’.

_DSC3420     _DSC3436     _DSC3428

We stopped for 2 nights at the next town down the river, Kingston. I knew I was going to enjoy this place when I walked the 1 block from the car-park to the restaurant and passed 6 Irish Pubs.  It was here, after trying to order Bourbon, I was advised to try a local refreshment called ‘rye’. I can’t really remember anything after that except we ended up at another CS hosted by a wonderful lady.

Linda’s claim to fame is being the mother of Simon Whitfield who was the gold medalist at the Sydney Olympics in the tri-athlon.


She is naturally very proud of his achievements and her own.  And so she should be, for at the age of 69 she is an avid Kayaker.



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  1. Hi Guys looks like you are having a great time. Enjoying the journey & photos. Lots of live the Rappobergs xx

  2. HI Mike
    who was the lady that recognised your voice as being related to Barry and which Paul?
    How curious and serendipity
    looks like fun
    hugs – rang debbie today on skype when is a good time for a chat

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