France – you had me at Chamonix

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Driving through more breathtaking mountain landscapes we were amazed to find a campsite nestled in a small valley.  As we parked the farmer was herding his dairy cows through the area and the noise made by the bells they wore sounded like giant wind chimes.

Even though we were still 40 minutes from the Swiss border there was a small chapel (image at top of post) and a Swiss restaurant 100m up the road and Deb was hanging out for a cheese fondue, unfortunately it wasn’t the best but the sausage & onions  made up for it.

These bells are from last months dinner

Arrived at Chamonix in the afternoon and spent the afternoon exploring. We have never been so bowled over by the ‘quaintness’ of a town, it was right off a chocolate box.

Picturesque Chamonix
Picturesque Chamonix
Not sure why Deb wanted her picture taken with this Japanes tourist
Missed the bus? No problem just surf to town.

The next day we caught the cable-car up to Mt Blanc. I have to say how proud I am of Deb for making the trip without being too scared …. or sick.



On the ascent there is a stop halfway where you change cars and I was quite surprised to see people getting off at the stop and donning climbing gear before climbing the rest of the way to the summit.

What’s French for ‘nutters’?


The top cable-car station consisted of several buildings and platforms spread out over a few peaks that were joined by bridges.  As you made your way from viewpoint to viewpoint you could see various climbing groups arriving or leaving through gates in the viewing fences.

one group of climbers catching some rays before making their descent.


Stepping off into the void – I wanted to go but had the wrong shoes
Anyone seen my contact lens?


Madder than a guy with a hair lip ordering Worcestershire sauce at a steak house.
Help – how do I get down!








Don’t look down
3.8 km up
Despite there being another chairlift that descends into Italy we resisted and returned to France

Please drop in next month when we head for beautiful Lake Geneva and into Switzerland.

Norman waiting paitently for our return

15 Replies to “France – you had me at Chamonix”

  1. Thanks for sharing your great photos of your wonderful trip – we loved Switzerland too !! Continue to have a wonderful time !

  2. Hi! I absolutely love your photos….they are beautiful. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time and you both look fabulous.

  3. Wow, it’s all just so spectacular. Just blown away by the beauty. You’ll never want to come home again. xxx

  4. So beautiful and amazing. Will definitely have to talk Brad into visiting Europe. All your photos have been amazing.

  5. Despite my not believing that Deb was scared at all.. ( after all I have been with her in cable cars before , and know that her apparent fear of heights is all baloney , in an attempt to gain pity from onlookers) .. ohh yes.. where was I .. Umm.. I am Sooo Impressed that She .. Who Must be Obeyed (!!) allowed you to accompany her to these dizzy heights where I am sure you were Most Uncomfortable.. Ohh well Mike.. one day you will have the gumption , as does our darling Deb .. Hang in there champ.. I have faith in you @!
    Ohh yeah .. the pics were terrific , as always !
    Love you guys!

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