Getting High in New York

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First of all Deb & I would like to thank all those who have taken the time to comment, it means a lot to us and reduces the homesickness.

We finally ventured out of Manhattan and crossed over to Brooklyn Heights where we strolled along the promenade which boasts terrific views of the financial district’s skyline, then had a brisk walk back across the Brooklyn Bridge.

IMG_0248     IMG_0266

Whilst en-route home we came across a parade of dance studios. Every conceivable style of dance was represented as a group from each school/studio paraded down 8th Street.

IMG_0194    IMG_0218

As well as styles there were also diverse ethnicities represented all of which were amazing….

IMG_0219    IMG_0220

…..except for these guys below, who were the worst Beatles tribute band EVAHHH!!


Finished off the day with a ghost tour around Greenwich Village (I ain’t afraid of no ghosts) and a lovely italian meal.

The day we went to Central Park was clear and warm and we walked the full length which is quite a feat.  One of the noteworthy sights along the way was Bethesda Terrace where in the tunnels under the terrace a group of conservatory students were busking.  Their beautiful voices, classical music and the beauty of the surroundings were spine tingling.

_DSC1819    _DSC1831


About midway through the park on the west side near the Dakota Building the council have installed a wonderful mosaic in memory of John Lennon in a part of the park he often walked with Yoko.

_DSC1919    _DSC1934

Later on we made our way to the Rockefeller Centre where we booked to go up to the observation deck for sunset. While we waited we had some cocktails in the magnificent plaza which during the winter they turn into an ice-skating rink.

_DSC1972    _DSC1973

When we arrived at “the top of the rock” the view was breathtaking.  On one side uptown and Central Park and the other side downtown, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State & Chrysler buildings…..I was literally in heaven.

_DSC2053    _DSC2024



12 Replies to “Getting High in New York”

  1. Gee Mikey we have been friends for over 30 years and I honestly didn’t realize how talented you are. Your words and photos ma ke Anthony Bourdain look like an amateur,look forward to next meise, give Deb a hug from me x

  2. It’s great to hear and see that you are having a great time. We are on the Gold Coast doing some domestic chores. House inspection, car rego etc. we are enjoying your blog. Keep it up.

  3. Ah….Retirement
    Sounds like you are really enjoying yourselves
    It’s great to read about your trip
    Catch up when you get back

  4. You are certainly having a great time – loved all the dancers costumes !!
    Rick and I have been to NY 3 times, and loved every minute – just wish we were a bit younger and could go there again – thanks for the memories. Take care and have fun !

  5. Awesome. You guys look like you are having such an amazing time. Thanks for the updates.

    Stay safe and looking forward to reading up on your next adventure.

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