Hectic Start continued (and finished)

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When we last left our intrepid travellers they were frantically trying to find their long lost son, Adam.

Meanwhile in Mexico City, Adam, having had a restful night care of American Airways was determined not to miss his Mexicana flight to Havana via Cancun, so he arrived at the airport 3 hours early! He then sat himself at the gate and started reading. Everytime people around him got up he checked his watch to see if it was his flight. Finally after finishing a really interesting chapter he realised it was 15 minutes after his plane was schedule to depart and no-one around him moved because he was sitting at the wrong gate!!!…..What is Spanish for schmock!

He of course sent an sms to us but by this time we had changed sim cards from our Oz one to the local one. Boarding the later flight he managed to let his Paul know what had happened. Back in Havana we sent Adam an sms with our local number just in case then we found an internet cafe and checked our email to find one from Paul confirming he would be on the later flight. At this stage Deb dissolved into emotional goo and we got an sms from Adam when he got our SMS in Cancun. (It seems we can get an sms from u guys if u happen to be in Mexico)

We picked him up at the airport 24 hours after we had arrived and Deb finally started breathing again. More importantly our holiday could now start! After dropping off his stuff at our Casa we went into Havana Centro fro a quick look around and a drink AND to let the hustlers have their first look at the easy meat (us).
Next ….the holiday starts….finally!


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