How Long Do We Look At This?

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Having left Las Vegas in Nevada we kept criss-crossing the Utah-Arizona border for the next 10 days visiting various national parks along the way. Inside the parks naturally there is beauty to be found but outside the terrain ranges from bland to surreal, come to think of it that description fits the towns as well.

_DSC4285      _DSC4282      _DSC4264

First up was Zion National Park followed by Lake Powell & Glen Canyon

_DSC4302-Edit      _DSC4719-Edit     _DSC4680 

Highlights here were Horseshoe Bend and a cruise on the Lake & Antelope Canyon where the waterway was so narrow I didn’t think the boat would be able to turn around.

_DSC4677      _DSC4620      _DSC4606 

As well as the waterways above, Antelope Canyon has what is called ‘slot canyons’ which are crevices in the ground that you descend into. The first image is of our Navajo guide taking the image you see at the top of the article. In the 2nd image she is throwing sand to make the suns rays stand out as in the next shot. Later in the canyon we came upon another sunbeam and Deb excitedly bent down to grab some sand, but before I could say she was facing the wrong way, I and the guy next to me (and our cameras) were covered in sand.

_DSC4510      _DSC4446     _DSC4440

Glen Canyon

_DSC4348      _DSC4343

Next was Bryce Canyon with some crazy rock formations. As with most National Parks (NP) there is a road that travels through the park with various viewpoints along the way. At each stop tourists would get out, snap pictures then after what seemed like an ‘appropriate’ amount of time, move on to the next viewpoint.

_DSC4729      _DSC4871      _DSC4851-Edit

_DSC4785-Edit      _DSC4736-Edit

Out in these parts the choice of good dining establishments diminishes so just to show you that we are not eating out EVERY night my clever wife bought some basic camping cooking gear so we could have some great home-cooked meals in the motel.

_DSC4881      _DSC4882

We had been looking forward to visiting the Grand Canyon for quite a while and we were not disappointed. Even though the other parks boast some beautiful landscapes I felt they didn’t quite compare to this magnificent area. It is actually unfair to compare them as they are all quite different but the GC definitely has WOW factor.

_DSC4897      _DSC4978-Edit      _DSC4971

Debbie braving some of the more ‘adventurous’ lookouts.

_DSC4964      _DSC4960      _DSC4927

And so it went on as we travelled Northeast towards Colorado, with each NP boasting just an ever-so-slightly different view of the landscape. After GC came Monument Valley & then Moab, it seems to go on forever.

_DSC5174      _DSC5164

I now have more pictures of rocks than a geologists convention so here are just a few.

_DSC5162      _DSC5153      _DSC5125

We kept waiting for the roadrunner & Wiley Coyote to come around the next bend.

_DSC5081      _DSC5061      _DSC5022-Edit

After a lifetimes supply of beautiful, hot, dusty canyons we look forward with anticipation to our last destination, the Rocky Mountains.



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  1. Wow, you guys look fit. Mike you have you come to the dark side and become a landscape photographer? The pics are great. Looking forward to having you guys home.

  2. Wow, what great photos !! Brings back lots of great memories of our trips there !

    Have a safe trip home xx

  3. Stunning, stunning, stunning. Looks like you’re having an absolutely wonderful time. You both look fantastic and the pics are awesome xx

  4. Once again our intrepid adventurers treat us to the delights of USA that for many of us are financially out of the question.. BUT , where are the stories of the Indians?? the badlands?? the gangsters?? The Texas Rangers… and of Course, the true story of the Lone Ranger and Tonto!

    Ohh well.. back to Mike n Debbie

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