In Dallas With Time to Kill

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Originally we were only coming to Dallas because Qantas made us go that way to Las Vegas from Philly. So we thought well if we’re going through anyway let’s make it 3 days as there’s probably lots to do…….we were wrong. Arriving Saturday we were couchsurfing once again and our host Phyllis kindly picked us up from the airport and her husband, Tim, cooked dinner for us that night.

Next day being Sunday there was hardly anything open and when we caught the bus into town we were the only 2 passengers for 30 minutes. Mr. Google had already told me about Fair Park which was the original site of the 1936 World Fair. Today it is the largest collection of Art Deco buildings on one site in the world and is still used for exhibitions, etc. Additionally there is a theme park at the rear.

The spooky thing was the park and all the rides were open and all the staff were there, just no public! As Deb & I walked around the site we only managed to see 3 elderly Japanese tourists going into the amusement park section, we had this massive site to ourselves.

_DSC3974      _DSC4003

The murals were huge!

_DSC3985      _DSC3982      _DSC3978

Of course no visit to Dallas would be complete without a visit to Dealy Plaza. On the 6th floor of the old book depository is now a museum and unfortunately no photos were allowed. We both found it immensely interesting and after visiting quite a few US sites such as Pearl Harbour & Ground Zero we both felt this was one of the more classy installations. In the photo below you can see the 6th floor window that Oswald used (2nd down & far right) and Debbie on the road approximately where JFK was travelling towards the camera when he was shot.

_DSC4012      _DSC4021

As Dallas was proving hard to fill 2 days of sight-seeing we thought we would expand our range to the adjacent city of Fort Worth, about 45 minutes away. There they had an area that in the glory days of the cattle barons was called “the Stockyards”, but today has been converted to bars, shops & restaurants.

_DSC4029      _DSC4081

Whilst there we visited a local museum and took a guided walking tour of the area.

_DSC4056      _DSC4041

That night we met up with another photography buddy from DPC, Steve, and in a lavish surrounding had one of the worst mexican meals we’ve ever had.

There were definitely highlights here that we enjoyed, but there were more disappointments. Things could only improve as next on the itinerary was VEGAS BABY!!!!!



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  1. Once again we are delighted to see our not so weary travelers trapsing through America’s history .. well once you get to Vegas.. It will all be lights! but you already know that .. If you get a chance to sample the Mexican Resteraunt on that corner that I cant remember.. it is terrific! To view the Belagio Fountains in Real life is also a great experience.. Its just good to know that you are doing well and we miss you two!!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi guys thanks for letting us travel with you. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love Rappobergs

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