Joy on the Road

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Vince is a wonderful guy and a good friend. We usually only meet up at our annual Caravan Club musters where he invariably puts on a great nights entertainment. I asked him if he could spare me a few minutes in between sets to pose for a few shots and he was only too pleased.

I found this little corner in the corridor outside the main hall but the light was crap so I set aperture to cut out much of the ambient and let my flash bounce off the ceiling and wall behind me. SOOC it was a little flat so got some shape back with some dodge & burn.

His first pose was playing the guitar but I knew the environment didn’t lend itself to that but I definitely wanted the guitar in it. So I asked him to hold it as if he was adjusting the strings and a few other things but none were lighting me up. He must have sensed what I was trying to do ’cause all of a sudden he threw it over his shoulder and I went nuts on the shutter.

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  1. You have captured the essence of the bloke we are privileged to have as a friend. Well done.

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