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Well one could mistake this person for the hunchback of Notre Dame! Alas its me all dressed up for the mosque – yes yet another mosque.

We are starting to suffer not from ABC disease but ABM disease (another bloody mosque for those of you who require explanation)


Riding a caleche along the corniche at Luxor on our way to Luxor Temple. Another friendly driver trying to con us to go to yet another market full of touristy stuff.


Poor Jase didnt suffer too well as he’s allergic to horses. Did he complain??? well…….some things don’t change



Queen Hapshetsut’s Temple was unbelievable. Cut into the side of a mountain, an amazing site.

Valley of the Kings – Awesome and overpowering. Unfortunately we couldn’t photograph inside the tombs. The tombs were something we will never forget, such amazing art on the walls in great detail and amazing colours.

The heat was oppressive 50 degrees, but as we left so early (5.45am) we missed the mid day heat thank goodness.
Mikey in his “cool” (NOT) hat.


Colossus Of Menmon. More huge monuments of the great Egyptian leaders of the past


Entering a tomb at Valley of the Artisans. When you go inside the tombs most people (except me) need to duck. There are some advantages to being small.


The artisans tombs were not as grandiose as the Kings/Queens however the paintings on the walls and ceilings was just as impressive. It was the artisan who actually did all the paintings in the Kings/Queens tombs so they decorated their own tombs magnificently.


The view from the top of the Valley of the Nobles. To get an idea of the size of the site see Jase & I on the right of the pic.




The roofs of Egypt are dotted with satelite dishes. The cities may be poor in many areas but all homes seem to have tv’s and mod cons despite the lack of air conditioning and to our standards cleanliness. There is dust everywhere, it certainly makes me appreciate home and being able to breathe clean air.



A day off – yay. By this time the three of us were mosqued and templed out so we decided to spend the day by the rooftop pool of a nearby hotel. Such bliss. We spent more time in the pool than out.

Tried sipping pina colladas by the pool, well the Egyptian equivalent of them, dont think they had ‘any idea of what to put in them – well they were wet and very strong!


Enjoying the atmosphere at a shisha bar watching the Australia/Serbia match. They were kind enough to switch channels for us even though they wanted to watch the Germany/Ghana match.

Note I am the only woman. Apparently women do not frequent these bars, it is frowned upon. However, tourist females are welcome, no doubt as all the men are trying to attach themselves to a foreigner in order to marry and escape Egypt.

Gees I should know I was propositioned often enough, with Egyptian men age has no boundaries – men in their 30’s were trying their hardness to buy me —-2,000 camels?

This was my last night with my baby. What an amazing time we had.

Farewell to Egypt…wait there is more…..Turkey coming soon


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  1. Sorry for the delay in my comments!

    I thought you had converted to Islam and then I realised Mikey had joined the KKK or have you started bee keeping!!! (the hat Mikey).

    What an amazing country in more way than three!

    We’ll move on to the next leg.

    Take care

    Mark, Ruth, et al

  2. This looks amazing!
    Mike you make me laugh and I’m glad you didn’t take up the deal with the camels…imagine trying to bringing them home instead of Deb LMAO
    Nice to see Jason 🙂

  3. Once again our intrepid travellers have shared a momentous part of their trip with us.. its almost like being there with them ..
    iu am still envious!! but .. well.. Keep having a great time guys!

  4. 2,000 camels huh? Was Mike tempted? LOL. It really does all sound incredible. Lots of exrecise by the looks of it. Love reading your adventures. Wish I could be there though 🙂

    Michelle & Scott

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