Meeting Our Waterloo in Stockholm

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Stockholm to Tau 1400km – 24 days
Total since Dunkirk 4600km – 64 days

Rural Sweden, while pleasant, was a tad boring so we looked forward to notching it up a gear in Stockholm. The first stop at the Vasa Museum didn’t sound like much but we were amazed at just how first class this exhibition was. This 64-gun warship sank on her maiden voyage in 1628 and was raised almost fully intact in the 1960’s.

Out of approximately 200 people on board only 30 died when the ship sank
The intricate carvings that cover the stern castle are still eye catching today even after 300 years submerged in the harbour.
The stern castle is 4 stories in height and the carvings were originally multi-coloured.

From the sublime to the ridiculous our next stop was the ABBA museum just up the road where we had a chance to perform on stage with the (holographic) originals. 

Deb may need to borrow Bjorn’s platform boots to make this work.
You can even fly the helicopter on the set that was used for the cover of the “Arrival” album
Deb sneaked off to try on one of Agnethas outfits.

If you are an ABBA fan then there is a cute 6 minute video playing at the end of the exhibition which I found online for your viewing pleasure. See if you can spot the original members as they are today.

Strolling past the palace
Gamla Stan the ‘old town’ had many alleyways to explore

As we will be visiting Oslo again later with our boys we just popped in for a quick visit.  We were surprised at how much we enjoyed Frogner park which features 212 bronze and granite sculptures, all designed by Gustav Vigeland.

We even found one that reminded us of one of our children

 South of Oslo is the small town of Heddal, home to Norway’s’ largest stave church.

Triple nave stave
Lindesnes Lighthouse is a coastal lighthouse at the southernmost tip of Norway
Sogndalstrand – a scenic harbour village on the coast

After travelling the beautiful south coast of Norway we arrived at Lysefjord. As the weather and my fitness prevented us from climbing up to the famous Pulpit rock we decided to wait for clearer skies so we could cruise the full length.

It finally looked clear enough to venture out but about 20 minutes before we boarded the showers joined us. They came and went for the next 3 hours of the voyage but we still got to see some stunning scenery.
While today is sunny the next 9 days are forecasting rain so we will slowly make our way up to Bergen to meet the boys and hope they bring the sunshine with them.


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  1. Great photos as usual, enjoying the trip through your eyes ! Would have loved to have visited Scandinavia, but…. Love.Joy and Rick,

  2. Fabulous photos and tour. Keep having a wonderful time and look forward to your next blog.

  3. Brings back such wonderful memories. Can’t believe Normie is going up for sale!!! Still, more wonderful adventures in store, I’m sure!

  4. Great pictures and memories of your world adventure , and thoroughly enjoyed the Blog we hope we can join you

  5. There have bee other ships that turned turtle after launching but none as stunning as the Vasa. A must see on a visit to Scandinavia. Thanks for bringing back the memories and feeding the hunger for travel.

  6. Fantastic. I drank in the Officer’s mess in the Swedish Royal Palace. The pics of the Vasa and Vigeland statues brought back lots of memories. Glad you have shared the pics. Stay safe

  7. And of course my favourite pic – Deb Abba. Can’t wait for the video πŸ˜‰πŸ₯‚πŸΈπŸΈ

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