My Nomenclature is Slipping

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I know it’s only the 3rd day but we feel like we’ve been here for months. I can now find my way round without using the subway app and I can tell the difference between up & downtown, east & west streets and where to get the best ‘cooarfee’. We got an early start today and decided to finish exploring lower Manhattan by walking around the Soho district, as we had heard there were many trendy art/photographic galleries there.  The reason this was a bad plan was because the galleries don’t open ’til late morning which meant the only things that were open were the many, many boutiques (think Oxford Street Paddington on steroids).

More new shoes and a wonderful lunch later we headed back down to Battery Park and took a 1 hour ferry cruise, the highlights of which were the Statue of Liberty, magnificent city skyline views and the Brooklyn Bridge.

IMG_0043  IMG_0155

Trying to find something to do in this city that didn’t involve shoe stores we then headed to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) but after about 40 minutes there we were very disappointed and left to meet Jason for dinner in Times Square before catching a Gershwin musical (Nice work If You Can Get It) on Broadway starring Matthew Broderick. A quite enjoyable experience even if it was not their best work (Gershwin & Broderick).



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  1. Whilst you guys are Galavanting in New York , I have been Galavanting around NSW on the Bike.. I love the Blog Mike.. makes me feel I am in Two places at Once !!

  2. And I think Mike wearing that terrorist type scarf thingy when you visited World Trade centre was pretty gutsy as well. Always living on the edge while George and Sonja are simply living the dream.

  3. Go guys, glad you having such a good time. More burlesque photo’s please Deb. Reminds of Mike in his pre Deb days. At least I think it was pre Deb x

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