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We stopped of at Olympos for a scheduled 5 nights after our wonderful gulet cruise only to discover a street full of backpacking pensions with supposed “tree houses” for accommodation and an “amazing” beach.

On arrival we were rather disappointed expecting tree houses like we had stayed at in Western Samoa only to find rows of little wooden shacks. More like a holiday camp!!!

Needless to say I changed the 5 nights to 2 nights – a good move, as one full day there was plenty to see the ruins and have a swim.



The beach….mmmmm…huge and beautiful on looking from a distance. Amazing backdrop of cliffs but full of tourists. We are so spoilt by our beaches in Australia, this one was pebbly and the water was scattered with debris. (lots of floaties….)

On the walk to the beach were amazing ruins – see pics below


Sarcophogi dating back to the 2nd century AD


A little track led to the ruins, very pretty setting surrounded by streams and overhanging trees.


Another sarcophagus, we were tempted to climb inside! Bit too spooky though.



An old church with magnificent moziac floor tiling and such detailed carvings.


On to Antalya and what a pleasant surprise, we stayed in the old city Keyseri. A lovely area with cobble stoned streets, markets, coffee shops and restaurants all set at the seaside.

Hadrian’s Gate – the entrance to Keyseri.


Laneways of markets led down to the boat harbour.


The harbour at night


Mike wasn’t too impressed when I suggested a visit to the Anatalya Museum but when he got there he thanked me.
I’m the best tour guide……..maybe he should learn to trust me 🙂

Inside this museum were literally hundreds of marble statues, heads, friezes and artefacts discovered only in the past 50 years mainly at Perge and some from surrounding villages. These date back to 2nd and 3rd centuries AD.

The walls of the museum were lined with the enormous statues, some life size and others absolutely huge. The condition of the statues and heads is incredible. The detailing of the scultptures is intricate.


A sarcophogus removed from the ruins at Perge. Nike adorns the 4 corners and medusa heads are also visible


Also removed from the ruins at Perge comes this marble piece which came from the entrance to a place of worship. Interesting how the different religions in the region claimed fame to the buildings from centuries passed. The building where this came from was – at one time a synagogue – at another time a greek church. See the mezuzah and the greek inscriptions.

Next stop Egirdir.


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  1. Just amazing… these wonderful Blogs make me feel as If i have travelled this adventure with the two of you ;;
    Thanks guys !

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