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848 km – 14 days

We are walking the streets of Brugge in Belgium and I am trying to decide whether I spend more of my life waiting out the front of chocolate shops or shoe stores.


The town square reminded us it was lunch-time and experience told us to find somewhere not in the square.

Down one of the lanes we found a wonderful french deli  with hot food and cosy atmosphere where we had to strip off the many layers of clothing we were wearing so we could fit in the booth.

Xanten, Germany

Each region had it’s own unique architecture

Luneburg, Germany

In Schwerin we camped near one of the town’s many beautiful lakes.

Schwerin, Germany

You are able to walk completely around Schwerin Castle enjoying both the grounds and the schloss from every angle.

Who said the Germans don’t have a sense of humour?
The dom at Lubeck has a very impressive organ
Sometimes your mortgage can put the squeeze on you
Sometimes architectural design can be pointless

…..and now on to Scandinavia.


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  1. We loved Brugge too!!! Your photos are wonderful. Can’t believe we met you in Sweden and got to see the famous Normie! Robyn, mat and kids from Kununurra, WA X

  2. as usual, love your blog and photos. Deb, you must be in heaven, all that chocolate. have fun xxx jen

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