Sex, Lies & Matzoh Balls

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Well our son Adam missed us sooooo much that he only lasted a week and then had to join us (nah he was coming over anyway). So Debbie being glad to have her boys all together again (including our adopted son Joel), we had to go out and celebrate.


My friend Marilyn commented that I couldn’t talk about a NY Deli without having matzoh ball soup so with that challenge in mind the four of us set off for lunch at famous Katz’s Deli.

_DSC2110     _DSC2113

Not only do they serve Matzoh balls the size of a ‘death star’ (and just as dangerous) but as you can see from the top picture the sandwiches ain’t no slouch neither.

_DSC2116     _DSC2120

Loads of atmosphere and a great experience but I prefer the 2nd Avenue Deli.

To walk off the lunch Deb & I headed for The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Whilst many times better than MOMA we had already seen many of the displays on our other travels. One exhibit that I did enjoy was photographs from the American Civil War, which proved what my friend George tells me, that history is written by whoever won the war.

_DSC2128-Edit-Edit     _DSC2136     _DSC2139

Late we met up with the boys again and Jason took us to an interesting place. From the outside (and inside) it looks like an ordinary fastfood shop specialising in hot dogs. But if you enter the telephone booth and dial the secret number a false wall opens allowing you to enter a secret cocktail lounge, cleverly called ‘Please Don’t Tell’. Needless to say they are always full and you have to book in advance.

Still full from lunch we ordered a gourmet hotdog & fries between us. Jason suggested I try a particular cocktail as it had bourbon in it, but I didn’t realise it was infused with bacon (is there anything Americans can’t infuse with bacon?). While the 1st sip was interesting by the time I got to the last sip it was yeeech!

_DSC2141     _DSC2142     _DSC2146

When we finally had ticked all the boxes against the ‘must see & do’s in NYC’ Debbie foolishly asked me if there was anything else I wanted to see. “Well….”, said I “I’ve been hearing a lot about this Burlesque fad.”

Bless her little cotton socks she didn’t bat an eye and said, “Sounds great, let’s go!”

_DSC2166     _DSC2182

And as you can see she had just as good a time as I did, though I’m not sure about this guy who left just as I started taking pictures.

_DSC2185     _DSC2204

It was the 1st time Deb or I can remember ever coming home (slightly tiddly) and finding the boys in bed asleep before us!

Despite the hangover the next day being our last I set off and explored the inside of the Empire State Building.


Our last meal together with the boys was a Korean BBQ which while not exactly kosher, was not as deadly either.

_DSC2224-2     _DSC2229-2     _DSC2234-2

Debbie had carefully planned for our last night to be memorable so she booked for the 4 of us to go see Nathan Lane in ‘the Nance’ on Broadway and was proud of herself for getting fairly good seats. We finished our meal in the village and piled into a cab with me in the front and Deb in between Adam & Jason in the back. As we approached the theatre Debbie excitedly took out the printouts confirming the tickets and then I heard the boys giggle and Debbie gasp as they pointed out that the date on the printout was for the previous night.

At this point the cab pulled up at the theatre which was packed with patrons entering and ushers trying to move everyone around and to their seats. Recovering from the initial shock of her error my ‘Wonder Woman’ of a wife shouted to us “wait here” while she marched straight up to the managers office and proceeded to cry poor dumb tourist who was disorientated and jet-lagged. As if in a scene from ‘I Love Lucy’ she emerged moments later displaying 4 free tickets for the evenings performance……they were way up in the bleachers but hey, we didn’t mind, she did make it memorable!


We all thoroughly enjoyed the performance and the last 10 days in New York. The next day we would be off to Philadelphia so stay tuned.



8 Replies to “Sex, Lies & Matzoh Balls”

  1. It all sounds great fun…not so much for that frummer when his wife finds out about his antics…he’ll be chopped liver!!!

  2. I convinced that Mike should be writing a Book on the ‘Life , Times and Adventures of the Cohen Clan’
    Surely to be a best seller!

  3. Glad to see you were up to the Matza Ball challenge, (many have perished in that great quest). I must agree I usually prefer the smaller less famous Delis too. Nice to see the family all together again even if only for a few days.

  4. Can you guys cut your trip short as I have already put on 5 kgs just from reading these mercurieal cullinery meises lol xx

  5. Hi darlings the read and pictures were wonderful!
    look forward to pictures of my other darlings in Philly
    glad you are having a fab time
    hugs and chat soon

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