Switzerland, and not a chocolate in sight.

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In order to avoid overloading (of both readers & author) I have tried not to post too often, so please forgive this short attempt to catch up and make this as real-time as possible.

view from campsite, Switzerland

After a few sunny days on the shores of Lake Geneva’s French side we drove around towards Montreux on the lake’s Swiss side stopping by Château de Chillon (pictured at top of post). From there it was on to Lake Thun & Interlaken.

Bern, Switzerland

We stayed at a campsite in Bern that was a lovely (if not soggy) 3 km walk along the river to the old town.

You’ll never guess what is displayed in the window

Üetliberg is a day-trip for Zurichians from where you can explore the  many wonderful hiking trails, hotels & restaurants at the top of the mountain.

View over Zurich from Üetliberg

Just before the German border is the town of Rheinfallen where we spent the day walking along the river and exploring the falls & the local town.

Rhine Falls
Rhine Falls – a mini Niagara in Switzerland

About here I became very worried about my wife……for I realised we managed to drive right across Switzerland without visiting a chocolate factory!  Next up we’ll be crossing into Germany starting with the wineries in the Kaiserstuhl region.

Rhine Falls
Rhine Falls – a mini Niagara in Switzerland

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  1. Really enjoy your blog. So professionally done – could lead to a book ….”The travels of Mike & Debbie”

  2. Love the photos or are they water colour pictures. Now different from the colours we see here.

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