Tallebudgera Golf Course

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What started out as wonderful cruise over a beautiful vista ended in tragedy when the quad only a few feet from landing fell into the lake. I suspect a loose connection/solder joint was the culprit. I had resigned myself to the fact that it was gone but even if retrieved it would be worthless.

Gary, who manages the course, felt bad and arranged for the diver who usually retrieves golf balls from the lake to come and resurrect it. So after spending 4 days at the bottom of the lake (around 2 meters) I was able to spend the day cleaning it up and stripping it down. First I tried the GoPro, but as expected it was dead. Then I tried plugging in the quad and surprisingly the Naza beeped to life but one of the ESCs started smoking so switched off immediately.

After further testing it appears all 4 motors & 1 ESC still work in addition to the Naza controller and receiver. The Naza GPS & OSD have not been tested yet. As you can see I was able to save some of the corrupt video file from the SD card in the GoPro. Sometime next week I should be able to lay my hands on enough spare parts to see if she flies again…..stay tuned.

Death toll so far:
3 x ESC
1 x GoPro2
1 x Nanotech 3300 3S battery

Thanks to Graham & Gary for their assistance.


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