The Circus in the Desert

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It was late morning by the time we climbed in to our rental car at Las Vegas airport. Check-in at the Monte Carlo wasn’t until 4:00pm which meant only one thing…..OUTLET CENTRE! Deb somehow managed to purchase about 300 items in 4 hours and surprisingly, none of them were shoes, while I walked away with 2 tops.

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In this “Disneyland for adults” it is easy to forget about the outside world and immerse yourself in everything that is on offer. Even without the gambling and nightclubs there is so much to see and do that you constantly feel like a kid in a lolly shop.

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You don’t need to go to a show (‘tho we certainly did that), you can be constantly entertained just walking around the streets or many arcades linking the major hotels.

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Yes I know it is all fake but how can you pass by the ‘Chrysler Building’, ‘Eiffel Tower’ & the ‘Pyramids’ in just a few blocks and not be mesmerised. How can they be fake when they are real functioning buildings that anyone can stay, dine or just walk around in?

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Add to this the crowds, buskers, hustlers, heat & neon and you have an energy that is unmatched anywhere else in the world.

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The first night we saw (& met) comedian Rita Rudner, who I fell in love with when she first visited Australia many years ago and appeared on Hey Hey. As the only time Deb usually laughs out loud is when I injure myself while using power tools I was glad to see that, along with the rest of the audience, she was also crying and holding her side.

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Second night we had nothing booked so as we walked around during the day and tried to find some cheap tickets for a show that night. Apart from the various Cirque de Soleil (CdS) shows, there wasn’t much that appealed to us and they were only offering $20 off these. We had just about given up when as we walked into the MGM to pick up our tickets for the next nights performance of “Love” ( the CdS show set to Beatles music) they were offering 40% off KA (another CdS show) that night.

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KA was an amazing performance, visually stunning & physically demanding …as we were reminded when 2 nights later a performer died during one of the more dangerous scenes.

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I found “Love” on our last night to be magical as it gave the many characters introduced to us in Lennon/McCartney songs over the years a face. The story was woven mainly through dance with a lesser amount of acrobatics than the previous evening’s KA which is why Deb didn’t quite get the hit out of it that I did.

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This was the last of the major cities in our itinerary and was one helluva way to finish. While you cannot possibly see everything in 3 days (and what felt like 7 nights) we certainly gave it a nudge and to stay any longer would have diminished the experience.

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  1. Dessert Jew or deja vue? What is it with you Mike, American Jewish performers named Rita lol, keep the despatchES coming,most entertaining x

  2. Another amazing day in the life of our intrepid adventurers!
    As has been said before, these blogs make us feel like we are almost with you !
    N ext time, can I carry the bags!

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