The Waterfall Edition

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Tau to Sorsele 2030 km – 23 days Total since Dunkirk 6580 km – 87 days

When I last left you we were heading to Bergen to meetup with Adam & Jason for a few days before enjoying a road trip to Oslo via some very scenic routes.

There is plenty of space so not sure why they grow their gardens on their roof.
Water, water everywhere
another bloody waterfall
Travel was slow as there were beautiful vistas around every bend

After weeks on the road around southern Norway it was good to be in civilization again in Bergen….as long as you understand civilization to mean seafood restaurants.

Deb was in seafood heaven at the Bergen fish market

Its ok for a son to be taller than his mother, dont know about having longer hair though.
the panorama over Bergen from Mount Fløyen
another bloody waterfall
Deb took this image of me (in the distance) taking the above image, from a gantry behind the waterfall – seen below

campsite on the lake
Deb captured this beatiful reflection shot
snaking our way through the valley

We camped at Flåm for a few days while we took a cruise down the Nærøyfjord and a railway excursion up through the mountains.

On the scenic Flåm railway going up was busy but coming back it was empty enough for us each to enjoy a window seat
a family snap at the lovely Aurlandsfjord
Normie delivering the ultimate family experience once again
Debbie enjoying the views
Snovegen (Snow Way) was an errie drive
Even the locals wear a wooly jumper in summer.
It’s true…. the sheep get better looking as you get higher up the mountain.
another stave church… version 1
…version 2

Arriving in Oslo I was that sick of f*%#ing salmon that my family took pity and we dined on Mexican, Indian & Chinese food for the next 3 nights.

no it is not a Norwegian Bee Gees tribute band

Once we dropped the boys off we started heading up to the northern part of Norway (via Sweden), racing to catch the midnight sun.


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  1. Deb is challenging you now in the photo stakes Mike!! Brilliant shots again. Nice to have some travel time with the boys too. XXX

  2. as usual a spectacular photographic display and journal. And yes we want to see all this too !! 2 weeks time we will be up up and away too. Enjoy. Lorraine & John

  3. Really enjoy following your travels. Amazing photos.
    You say it’s your last trip but we’ll have to wait and see if you get itchy feet later on!

  4. I can’t believe this is your last trip…..your blogs keep getting better and better! Fantastic photos!!!

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