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Imagine a national park with 10,000 hills…fairly easy, now imagine if each of those hills was actually a Mayan temple or other structure that was merely overgrown. Now you have an idea of what Tikal is like. We arrived about 3>00pm yesterday and spent a quick 1.5 hrs looking around some minor structures ’cause we knew we would be on the sunrise guided tour going to the main areas.

Hard to believe that Deb …I am not a morning person…Cohen actually got up at 4>15am for a trek in the jungle, but she did. We arrived at the main temple just before dawn and scarpered up 70m of steeps steps to reach the top of the main temple. There we sat quiet for awhile listening to the animals of the dense tropical forrest go thru their morning rituals. The guide pointed out the sound of howler monkeys and toucans amongst others…later we actually got to see these too.

Please note that at this height we were above the canopy but there was dense cloud above us and heavy mist rising from below. All we could really see as it gradually got lighter was the tops of similar structures…but oh what a sight. The guide then proceeded to relate the stories of this amazing place and point out the flora and fauna as we followed him over the main areas.

When this finished around 9>00am we went back to the hotel and after breakfast caught a bus back to Florenz about an hour away. This is a small island city attached by causeway to a larger city and tho quaint we are finding it hard to fill the 6 hour wait for our overnight bus to Antigua.


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