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We spent more time at the ruins than we thought we would and didn´t get to the next town until about 2:30 where we again had a wonderful Mexican meal accompanied by live music. We then drove to a town called Coba where we thought we might stay the night and visit more ruins tomorrow, but hte town was pretty pitiful and the ruins were not as impressive as where we had been so we gave it a miss and headed straight for Tulum a day early.

Tulum, the town, is a little like a very old Surfers Paradise filled with Restaurants, bars, souvenier shops and tourists. It is situated about a 2klm from the beach itself which goes on endlessly and is lined with hotels of all types mainly catering for rich americans….which we are not. So again my practical wife had booked a hotel in town which at 1st I thought was a drag but when I saw it I couldn´t believe how nice it was. We have just taken a stroll down the main street and had ANOTHER great meal at one of the 2 Italian restaurants in town. Again there seems to be lots of fast, cheap internet places so I have finally caught this blog up to real time and got my pics madfe smaller so I could post them.

Have had a comment about all the great meals I have been mentioning, and that is because of 2 things.
When your on holiday one of the main highlights of your day are the meals *for us anyway*
The other is when you first visit a foreign country we are just dying to try the local food. But sometimes you get over it rather quickly and then you find a restaurant serving *foreign* food like a pizzeria and you go crazy.
One good example is this afternoon we found a german place that made home made bagels and rye bread….man I’ve never tasted anything so good. But we know when we get to Guatemala it will pronbably be back to beans and rice!


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