You can talk to God and listen to the casual reply

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With the heat & canyons of Arizona and Utah behind us we climbed up onto the Colorado Plateau and was instantly amazed at the transformation of landscape and milder temperatures. Debbie had researched a place called “Hanging Lakes” which was described as the most popular hike in all of the national parks in the USA. What she didn’t tell me was that it was a 2.5 miles round trip over a 1000 feet of elevation, basically as steep as you can get without needing climbing gear….and over very rocky & rough terrain. However, as you can see it was worth it, even though neither of us could move the next morning.

_DSC5319      _DSC5358      _DSC5328

The AirBnB we got in Aspen was about 3 mile out of town and looked out over a serene lake. Aspen itself was very upmarket and was the first Main Street I’ve ever seen where the dress shops were outnumbered by Art Galleries. There is a lovely park sanctuary in Aspen that serves as a tribute to John Denver. As you stroll through the gardens the rocks have the lyrics to his songs engraved in them…..I think the fire department may still be a little “Rocky Mountain High”

_DSC5371      _DSC5392      _DSC5375

Making our way from Aspen to Colorado Springs through Independence Pass we passed not only stunning scenery but visited the authentic ghost town of St Elmo.

_DSC5487      _DSC5503

_DSC5528      _DSC5516      _DSC5512

When we arrived in Salida for what we thought was just a quick stopover, we were amazed to find that it was actually a thriving Art community. No shoes this time but Deb did find some creative jewellery.

_DSC5555      _DSC5618      _DSC5591_HDR

You can’t visit Colorado Springs without going on the Cog Railway. With the departure station at around 7500′ the train takes 2 hours to climb to over 14,000′ atop Pikes Peak.

_DSC5628      _DSC5685      _DSC5677

Well above the tree-line it was a little dizzying to walk around up there and I was glad to return.

_DSC5669      _DSC5640

The Wild West museum was interesting with a very rare original stagecoach on exhibit.

_DSC5699      _DSC5705      _DSC5700

Finally arriving at our last destination of Estes Park I looked forward to driving Trail Ridge Road, 50 miles winding through Rocky Mountain National Park and coming out at Grand Lake. When we headed out west that morning we were SO disappointed for as we ascended into the heavens the cloud became like pea soup and visibility was near impossible. Deb was having kittens as we crawled up the windy mountain road not being able to see a thing. Coming down on the other side misery was increased when the rain went from drizzle to torrential. Making the best of it we were lunching in a shelter at the lake when suddenly the rain stopped and the sun peeped out. You can see from the photos below what a difference 2 hours can make.

_DSC5743      _DSC5746      _DSC5830

Deb was screeching with glee as we spotted various wild-life along the return journey.

_DSC5826      _DSC5817      _DSC5763 

_DSC5760      _DSC5753

A walk around town followed by an evening rodeo.

_DSC5878     _DSC5841

On our last day today we took the local sky-tram and viewed the surrounding valleys.

_DSC5871      _DSC5869      _DSC5852

For most of you, by the time you read this Deb & I are already on our way home somewhere high over the Pacific. It has been a wonderful journey but we’ll both be glad to be in the company of our friends and family again. I hope you have enjoyed being a back-seat passenger and hopefully you will join us again next time….thanks for reading.


16 Replies to “You can talk to God and listen to the casual reply”

  1. Mike I am only just viewing your blog now because Sue had to send them on. Please add me to your list. I was thinking that now that you have photography skills under your belt, you should learn to become a travel writer. You have a spark of journalistic talent I detect. Travel writing has become a genre. Next birthday I will buy you a book with the best examples of travel writing. Now add me to your list. Thanks, Paul

  2. Yes, you are now probably home and tomorrow, I bet you wished you were back there. Your trip was amazing and Mike your photos superb thanks for doing this. See you soon.

  3. It’s been wonderful travelling with you. Looking forward to seeing you soon & seeing your photos properly. Lotsa Love xxx

  4. I’m glad you went to Pikes Peak! If you’d been there at the beginning of the month the Race for the Sky was on, but even last week there should have been plenty of motorbikes around with the Cog Railway being a points bonus location for the Iron Butt Rally.

    See you soon!

      1. did they all look (& probably smell) like they had been riding for a week with very little sleep? did the bikes have more gadgets than squashed bugs on the windscreen?

        if so, that was them!

  5. I too have enjoyed the encapsulating diary that has allowed me to share this amazing trip with you guys..
    Thanks Mike.. your a Legend!

  6. What’s the difference between a buffalo and a Byson Mikey?You can wash your hands in a Byson (sorry);-) Big thanks for all your communiques on your journey,I will miss them. Looks like I’m gonna be ahead of you 4 _3 ,I have found my Debbie,love you both xx

  7. What’s the difference between a buffalo and a Bryson Mikey?You can wash your hands in a Bryson (sorry);-) Big thanks for all your communiques on your journey,I will miss them. Looks like I’m gonna be ahead of you 4 _3 ,I have found my Debbie,love you both xx

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