You say “au revoir”, I say “hola”

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Sarlat – medieval chic

As the last post was rather large you are getting off light this time.  The landscape is no less beautiful and the villages no less quaint but seriously, how much of this stuff can a guy take.

The drizzle had given way to a downpour the day we visited Sarlat, but this did not take away any of the charm on offer in this great town. The afternoon was spent browsing the shops whose specialty was ‘foi de gras cunnard’ (duck pate to you lot). Now those of you married to a Lewin know that the family was cursed somewhere back in the dark ages and consequently they are thrown into orgasmic lust at the mere whiff of duck in the oven.  So I had no chance when we started perusing the menus on parade outside of each restaurant and found duck was almost the only dish being served in the entire village. (Even I enjoyed it)

St Emilion Notre Dame Cloister

Next we headed to a passion (farm stay) that was only 2km from our next call at St Emilion near Bordeaux. As May 1st was a public holiday we weren’t sure whether the vineyard we were heading for would be open and indeed when we arrived their car park was absolutely full.  While we were pondering where else we might go the owner came out and informed us they were having an open wine tasting with several wines from the region on offer and we were more than welcome to come in and join the party. We managed to find enough english speakers to get us sozzled and after purchasing some souvenirs we bedded down for the night.

St Emilion – view from the terraces
St Emilion – view from the Hostilerie Plaisance (from 400 Euro per night)

St Emilion is not for the feint-of-pocket and from the moment we entered the village you could sense this was not just another town.

St Emilion – This place has more wine than a NSW premier.

Entering the town we were once again in awe of the ancient buildings & narrow cobblestone streets, but unlike other villages the buildings here appeared new.  The sandstone blocks absolutely glowed and the streets were spotless. It was fast approaching lunchtime and the crowds were migrating out of the numerous wine & food tasting venues and filling up the multitude of restaurants that filled the plazas and every hole-in-the-wall.

St. Jean-de-Luz
St. Jean-de-Luz – another bloody cathedral

St Jean-de-Luz was to be our last stop in western France and we setup in a caravan park high on a cliff overlooking a rocky beach just outside the beachside resort town.  The next day we trekked the 2km along the coastal cliffs into town and strolled the beach promenade and pedestrian malls.

St. Jean-de-Luz : Coastal sculpture donated by the Germans 74 years ago, presumably as part of a beautification program.

By looking at the overlay below you can see we have already driven from Tennant Creek to just north of Ceduna

Steven F. puts things in perspective by sending this in.

For those interested in seeing the flying highlights video so far just click the following link.

France April Flying Highlights

Enough of the wine, time now for Sangria so it’s onto Spain…hola!


11 Replies to “You say “au revoir”, I say “hola””

  1. Great photos, can’t wait till we go to Europe later this year. Will probably cover more kms on our WA/NT trip that we leave for next Saturday.

  2. Nice Map … it help when we do planning in comparing country with an overlay! Your photos are super!
    Ahora es una necesidad de hablar español ! Buena suerte. Roger

  3. Good idea Paul, great visual of the map by Steve, Deb and Mike great photos
    I will set up a blog for my trip to the states. lol hugs

  4. Steven F. puts things in perspective. I have an idea, instead of this new levy that Abbott wants to bring in, we could rent space to Europe. The whole of Europe fits into Australia with space left over. We could charge each of these EU countries a nominal rental fee and add extra for our sunny days. In that way all of our debt could be repaid within a year. Just a thought. Mike please put more of the architectural, streetscape and town scape pics on your blog. I am enjoying them immensely. Did you hear about Fairfax having sacked 75% of their photographers yesterday? All the journalists are now on strike in sympathy with the fire snappers. The world needs photographers like you. Bon voyage. Rapps

  5. The video Highlights are brilliant , but it seems to me all you two are doing is spending all your time at Vineyards DRINKING!!! and then Mike gets to Flying!! ands then More drinking!@!!
    What a Life !

  6. I had a wonderful time in France with you, thanks for the virtual tour. everything was delicious, beautiful and enlightening. your descriptions truly made me feel as though I was there. safe journey to Spain, love carol

  7. Sounds like you were getting bored with France. Too much of a good thing eh! Love the photos and I am looking at the flyover later on. Have baby Caitlyn here now and too distracting.

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